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Department head

Sharipov Abubakir Sharipovich


Every day 15.00-17.00


Bukhara city, 11 M.Iqbol street


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Chief Engineer


Duties of the Chief Engineer:
 -Direct management of the activities of the departments of engineering services of the university;
 -Monitoring compliance with the rules of technical safety and technical operation at important facilities of the university;
- Negotiate and hire with existing internal resources of the university or contractors for reconstruction, capital and current repairs;
-Preparation of design estimates for capital repairs, including the building and its evacuation plan;
 -Compilation and preparation of a separate list of materials for each object on the material and technical base of the university;
- Participate in resolving issues related to the renovation of existing facilities and the adaptation of expensive and bulky equipment to the installation of buildings;
 -Supervise the technical condition and equipment of buildings and their timely repair;
 -Carrying out explanatory work to subordinate departments and organizing their training on labor safety rules;
 -Timely submission of reports on the material and technical base of the university and the use of fuel and energy resources;
-To give instructions to the departments directly subordinated to him within the limits of his authority;
 -Prepare draft orders and directives within its competence;
 -Recommendations for re-planning and operation of facilities;
 -Control over the economy of fuel and energy resources in higher education and the establishment of limits on the use of electricity, gas and other fuels;
-Ordering and distributing materials for its subordinates;
 -Make recommendations to the university to take action against those who have damaged property.
 Address: Bukhara State University, 1st floor, room 107