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Department of Economy

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Department of the economics

The department of Economics was established by the order of the the Rector of the Bukhara State University dated July 3, 2003 numbered  164-U as a result of merger of "Network economy" and "Applied economy". Prior to 2018, Candidate of Economic Sciences N.H.Alimjanov, associate professor of Economic Sciences H.O.Raxmonov were the head of the department,  Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor M.A.Oripov.

Starting from 2018, up to now senior teacher of the Department Abdulloev Asliddin Junaydulloyevich has worked as the head of the department by order of the rector of the university.

There are 25 professor-teachers work on the department of Economics.  Among these, 17 are working in the main staff , 8 are working on a part-time basis.  4 of the professor-teachers working in the main staff (23.5%) have scientific degrees,  13 (76.5%) are employees who do not have scientific degrees.  1 Candidate of Science and 1 Doctor of Philosophy in Economic Sciences(PhD)  working on a part -time basis have scientific degrees,  6 of them do not have scientific degrees.  When it is calculated by the total number of professor-teachers,  the scientific potential is 24 per cent.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Abdulloev Asliddin Junaydulloyevich

Telephone :(+998) (90) 711-53-09

Email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reception time: every day 13.00-17.00




Training directions and specialists in the department:

5230100 – Economics (Microeconomics)

Scientific directions of the department:

⦁ M.M. Toirova – Logistics functions in the context of management and marketing functions.

⦁ F.M. Raxmatullaeva – Improvement of personnel management system at industrial enterprises.

⦁  X.R. Turobova – In the development farmer farms Cooperation relations as a priority direction.

⦁  A.J. Abdullayev – Formation and development of cooperative relations in agriculture.

⦁   Z.A. Qayumova – Development of credit system of real sector enterprises in Uzbekistan.

⦁    S.S. Davlatov – Improvement of the quality of training services in higher education institutions.

Research activities of the department

Each year , the organization of scientific conferences on the Republican and Higher education institutions scale has become a tradition. In particular, on May 26, 2017, the scientific-practical conference on the theme "directions of development of farmer farms" was opened in Uzbekistan higher educational institutions.

More than 500 articles and abstracts have been published by the professor-teachers of the department.In particular, only in 2018 more than 50 articles and abstracts were published.

There are also professor-teachers of the department Z.S.Nurov, S.S.Davlatov and A.J.Abdullayev are working on a doctoral dissertation within the framework of their research topics.

The department has established cooperation with Uzbekistan National University,  Samarkand State University,  Tashkent economic University,  Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, academic lyceums and colleges in Bukhara region. In vocational colleges branches of this department  have been organized and qualified teachers are training. The department regularly prepares methodological manuals,  dissemination materials, e-learning resources and provides methodological assistance to academic lyceums and vocational colleges.

Relations with foreign universities and Research Institutes

  The Department of Economics has established relationships with more than 10 prestigious universities and Research Institutes of European and Asian countries in accordance with the cooperation agreement. During the past period, almost all professors and teachers of the University have been experimenting in higher educational institutions of foreign countries Including M.A.Oripov Madrid Distance Learning University, S.S.Davlatov from Adam Mickevicz University of Poland, O.H.Rakhimov is from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

During this year, the Faculty of the Department of “Economics” went to Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey for internship.

 Members of the Department of economics are participating in a number of TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus projects funded by the European Commission. For Example, S.S.Davlatov and B.Adizov took part in the UNIWORK project.

Professor head-teachers of the department

  1. Oripov M.A. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Head of the department
  2. Toirova M.M.   Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor
  3. Muminov X.I.  Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor
  4. Rakhmatullayeva Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor
  5. Yavmutov D.Sh. Candidate of Economic Sciences, assistant professor
  6. Qahhorov O.S. PhD                        
  7. Qayumova Z.A. senior teacher
  8. Uroqova M.X. senior teacher
  9. Abdullayev A.J. senior teacher
  10. Toirova Max.M     senior teacher
  11. Turobova X.R.  senior teacher
  12. Boltayeva SH.B. senior teacher
  13. Nurov Z.S. senior teacher
  14. Boltayev Sh.Sh. senior teacher
  15. Rakhimov O.X. senior teacher
  16. Qodirov A.A. senior teacher
  17. Navro’z-zoda Z.B. senior teacher
  18. Davlatov S.S. senior teacher
  19. Giyazova N.B. senior teacher
  20. Adizov B.I. teacher
  21. Usmonova A.  teacher
  22. Ochilov N.F. teacher
  23. Narziyeva D.  teacher
  24. Abdulloev A.A.   teacher

Address of the department: Bukhara city, M.Iqbol street, 11th house, 2nd block, 5th floor, 501-room.

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