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The department of Uzbek Linguistics

In 1930 the department of the Uzbek language and literature was created at the faculty of social sciences.Until 1945, Abdurauf Fitrat, Miyanbuzruk Solihov, Bakir Choponzoda, Kayum Karimov, Vohid Abdullayev, Murod Sharofiddinov, Ma'rifat Kazijonov and Pardaev taught in the department.The Uzbek linguistics department was founded in 1944. The department was headed by prof. Mirzayev (1937-1977), later prof. E. Kilichev (1977-1982), then professor N. Nematov (1982-2004). In 2010-2011 academic year the Uzbek literature and the Uzbek linguistics departments were united and became the department  Uzbek philology. On January 11, 2017 the department Uzbek philology began to function separately as Uzbek Literature and Uzbek linguistics.The department annually prepares many qualified specialists, who are currently working in the fields of higher education, special education, journalism, tele-journalism and publishing.

Results of international cooperation and scientific cooperation with foreign countries.The articles of M.Abuzalova, S.Nazarova, D.Yuldasheva, A.Ahmedov, B.Kilichev and Y. S.Saidov are published in magazines and collections published in the USA, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Turkey. In particular, an article by docent B. Kilichev in Poland, articles by docent M.Abuzalova and S. Nazarova were published in Ukraine.


BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti The head of the department: Axmedov Atoullo Raxmatovich
    Candidate of philological sciences
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Address: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol street 11
 BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti  Phone: (90)-744-66-30
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Fax: (0 365) 221-29-11
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BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Reception day: everyday 15.00-17.00


The scientific potential of the teaching staff of the department.

The department of Uzbek linguistics consists of 18 professors, 8 of them are  CPS; docents, 2 are DPS; associate professors, 1 is CP; docent, 8 are  teachers. The professors and lecturers of the department regularly participate in republican and foreign scientific conferences throughout the year. The department of Uzbek linguistics consists of 18 professors, 8 of them are  CPS; docents, 2 are DPS; associate professors, 1 is CP; docent, 8 are  teachers. The professors and lecturers of the department regularly participate in republican and foreign scientific conferences throughout the year.

Professor- teachers of the department:

  1. AhmedovAtoulloRahmatovich-docent
  2. AbuzalovaMehriQodirovna–docent
  3. AstanovaGulnoraAminovna– docent
  4. AsadovTo`lqinHamroyevich– docent
  5. Yo’ldoshevaDiloromNe’matovna– docent
  6. Jo`rayevaBibishMuxsinovna– docent
  7. NazarovaSaidaAxmadjanovna– docent
  8. SaidovYoqubSiddiqovich– docent
  9. QilichevBayramaliErgashevich- docent
  10. ToirovaGuliIbragimovna- docent
  11. SamandarovaGulnozYarashevna-teacher
  12. OrtiqovaHamidaMaxmudovna–teacher
  13. G’ulomovaShaxnozaQahramonovna–teacher
  14. HamroyevaShahloMirjonovna- teacher
  15. G`aybullayevaNafisaIzzatullayevna-teacher
  16. RahimovaNodiraQodirovna-teacher
  17. AhmadovaUmidaShavkatovna-teacher
  18. HojiyevaMaxfiratYusupovna- teacher

Basic directions of the department:

  1. a) Scientific, comparative study of substrate morphology, stress and syntactic interpretations;
  2. b) Realization of linguistic phenomena studied on substrate basis (at the practical stage).
  3. d) Improvement of onomastic networks.

Ph.D., associate professors S.A.Nazarova, M.G.Abuzalova, B.J.Juraeva, T.H.Asadov, G.Toirova are researchers of the substance-pragmatic study of the Uzbek language. Associate Professor B. Kilichev is researcher on problems of exploring Uzbek onomastic; docent D.N. Yuldasheva is researcher on the subject of teaching native language and updating the content of education.

Department of Uzbek linguistics will hold a conference on "Actual problems of Uzbek philology" dedicated to 75th anniversary of H.G.Nematov on April 28. The  Uzbek linguistics annually publishes scientific papers "Philology", "Linguistics and Methodology", "Onomastics Issues". It publishes scientific articles on the study of Linguistics.

Specialties prepared in the department:

Bachelor’s Degree

Philology and language teaching (Uzbek language)–5120100

315 students are enrolled in the academic year 2017-2018.

Master’s Degree

6 students are enrolled in Master’s degree.



Scientific direction of the department:

  1. Problems of Linguistics
  2. Problems of language methodology
  3. Problems of language history
  4. Problems of Onomastics


Scientific-research activities of the department. Implementation of the perspective plan of the department for the preparation of scientific and pedagogical cadres. The chair is working on a perspective plan for the training of scientific and pedagogical cadres. In particular, G.I.Toirova defended her disseration in a time. Y.S.Saidov and M. Abuzalova completed and defended their doctoral dissertations. Also S.A.Nazarova, B.J.Juraeva, B. Kilichev are working hard on doctoral dissertations.

  1. Subjects taught at the department:
  2. Comparative-historical grammar of Turkic languages
  3. Uzbek language
  4. Language history
  5. Mother tongue teaching methodology
  6. The purpose of mother tongue education
  7. Speech culture
  8. Uzbek Dialectology
  9. Modern Uzbek Literature
  10. The theory of linguistics
  11. Arabic language
  12. History of Uzbek linguistics

Master’s degree:

  1. Speech culture
  2. Linguistics of the text
  3. Theoretical linguistics issues
  4. Pragmatic linguistics
  5. Language structure
  6. Linguoculturology
  7. Psycholinguistics
  8. General linguistics
  9. Theoretical linguistics issues
  10. Sociolinguistics

Effectiveness of research work.

IV.1. Scientific results. The result of the department's achievements in the 2016 calendar year can be summed up in a few examples. Associate Professor of the Department  M.K.Abuzalova and teacher G.Toirova participated in the 9th Innovation Fair  with the electronic textbook "Current Uzbek literary language (morphology and syntax)".

The number of textbooks, monographs, manuals and articles, published in the last 5 years.

Uzbek Linguistics




Practical guidance







More than 500


Address: Bukhara city, M. Ikbol street, 11 house,  building #3, 5th  floor, room 508

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