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Department of Biology

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti5140100 – educational branch Biology was approved by the Resolution No. 343 of the Cabinet of Ministers on August 16, 2011.
The department of Biology was established after the departments of Botany and Zoology, which were founded in Bukhara State Pedagogical institute in 1930, merged into one in 2011.

Its main function is to teach students the distribution of plants and animals in nature, their taxonomy, geographical location, their anatomy and morphology, as well as their importance in the national economy. Besides, professors and teachers of the department are engaged in researches in the field of flora of the region.

Since the establishment of the department of Botany a number of professors and teachers such as H.H.GuzairovBDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti, H.T.Boltaev, M.H.Kholliyev, A.R.Akramov, H.Kosimova, A.Fayziyev and et.al have invested a great contribution to its development.

In 1995, professor S.Buriev was Head of the Department.

There was established a scientific laboratory named “Problems of biotechnology” under the department. The main directions of the laboratory is "the creation of biotechnology for cleaning running water and water of sewerage collectors in Bukhara region." Studies conducted in the laboratory was awarded by the Republican Committee of Science and Technology.

The specializations of the department are as follows: 5140100 – biology, 56301100 – ecology, 5620200 – agronomy-pedagogy.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universitetiChair of the department: candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

Rashidov Negmurod Elmurodovich

Phone number: (+99891) 408-90-36

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specializations of the department

The department prepares specialists of the following directions:

5140100- biology. Currently, 180 students are studying in this direction.
5A 140103 -"Ichthyology and Biology", where 8 postgraduates are being trained.

Scientific disciplines of the department:

N.E.Rashidov - "Water purification and methods of use of water for irrigation."
A.E. Kholliev - "The creation of drought-resistant varieties of cotton."
R.R. Rahmonov- "The role of regional birds and the conservation of biodiversity in the waters.
H.K. Esanov- "Adventitious flora of the Bukhara oasis."

N.A.Shamsiev - "Passion varieties of fish in the waters, measures to increase productivity."

Scientific research activities of the department:

Professor- teachers and senior scientific researchers of the department are working on theme "Methods of biological cleaning of wastewater of the region and re-use it in agriculture"

Disciplines of the department
Undergraduate courses

• Cytology
• Botany
• Zoology
• Basics of genetics and breeding
• Anatomy and morphology of plants
• Microbiology and Virology
• Biophysics
• Histology
• Biophysics

• Biopoisoning
• Plant Physiology
• Basics of Quaternary and human anatomy.
• Methods of teaching biology.
• Genetics of cotton.
• Methods of modern biology research.
• Physiology of Plant.
• Molecular biology.
• physiology and bioengineering exercise
• The theory of biology.
• General Biology.
• physiology and human anatomy.
• Physiology and hygiene.
• Biotechnology and Microbiology.
• Fundamentals of physiology and anatomy of children.
• Plastic anatomy.

Postgraduate courses
•Biological basis of fish farming.
• Ichthyology.
• The taxonomy of fishes.
• The taxonomy of fishes.
• Diseases of the fish.
• Aquaculture.
• Ecology of fish.
• Creation of Fisheries.

Staff of the department:

1.Rashidov Negmurod Elmurodovich – Head of the department, associate professor

2. Buriev Sulaymon Burievich – doctor of biological sciences, professor

3. Niyozov Davron Saidovich – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

4. Gulomov Muhammad Isakovich – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

5. Komilova Bakhmal Odilovna – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

6. Tokhirov Bakhtiyor Bakhshulloevich – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

7. Kholliev Askar Ergashovich – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

8. Norboeva Umida Toshtemirovna – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

9. Mustafayeva Mamlakat Ismailovna – candidate of biological sciences, associate professor

10. Jabborov Bakhtiyor Iskandarovich – senior teacher

11. Gafarova Saida Mukhammedjanovna – senior teacher

12. Rakhmonov Rashid Rakhimovich – teacher

13. Shamsiev Naim Amonovich – teacher

14.Safarova Zakiya Teshaevna – teacher

15. Hasanova Nodira Majidovna – teacher

16.Toshev Hayot Muhammadovich – teacher

17.Esanov Husniddin Kurbonovich – teacher

18.Azizova Nodira Abduvokhidovna – teacher

19.Muslimova Gulandom Boltaevna – teacher

20.Raimov Avaz Rustamovich – teacher

21.Alimova Luiza Halilovna – teacher

Address of the department: Department of Biology, Room 305, Floor 3, Building 2, 11 M.Ikbol street , Bukhara city

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