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Department of Chemistry

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

In 2014, according to the order 256-U, the department of "Chemistry" was formed on the basis of "General chemistry" and "Organic and physcolloid chemistry" departments. Currently, there are 3 professors, 8 docents and 13 teachers. After the Bukhara State University was established in 1992 on the base of the BukhSPI, the General Department of Chemistry and Organic and Physcolloid Chemistry departments were formed on the basis of the rector's 150-O order of August 9.During the years of independence, in 1992-1994 years prof. R.A.Shoymardonov, in 1995-1997 years docent. M.Ya.Ergashov headed the department. From 1997 to 2011 prof. B.Umarov worked as the head of the department. From 2011 to 2013, B.A. Mavlanov headed the Department. At previous time, the department is led by Ph.D. Professor M.R.Amanov. During this period, the structure of the department changed significantly and qualitatively. Professors and lecturers of the department teach 5140500 - chemistry, 5420100 - biology, 5850200 - ecology and nature management, 5620100 - pedology, 5141900 - physical training and physical culture are to bachelors.

       Teaching staff of the Department of Chemistry "Synthesis and use of the surfactants based on local raw materials," "Theoretical and experimental problems of stereochemistry of coordination compounds", "Research of alkaloids and essential oils of medical plants grown in Uzbekistan".

More than 15 manuals and teaching aids, as well as numerous scientific and scientific-methodical articles were published in magazines of Russia and our Republic. The manual "Organic Chemistry" (S.I.Iskandarov, A.A.Abdusamatov, R.A.Shoymardonov), "Organic Chemistry Practitioner" (R.A.Shoymardonov, A.A.Abdusamatov, B.Sodiqov, S.I.Iskandarov), "Questions, test and exercise on Organic Chemistry " (R.A.Shoymardonov ), " Methods of physical research", "Chemistry history", "Organic chemistry" (B.B.Umarov), "Organic compounds nomenclature" (M.Ya.Ergashov), "Organic chemistry" (R.A.Shoymardonov, B.B.Umarov, M.Ya. Ergashov, S.F.Abdurahmonov) and other members of the department.

Over the past 5 years, members of the department have published about 100 scientific papers, of which 70 have been tested in international journals and conferences. 25 educational and methodical manuals with a total volume of more than 210 printed sheets were published.

At the department 27 subjects are taught: inorganic chemistry, analytical  chemistry, substance structure, chemical technology, quantum mechanics and chemistry, problem solving technique, mathematical modeling of rules, structure of chemical companies, processes and equipment of chemical technology. In 1992-1996, the department was headed by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor O.M.Yoriev, in 1996-2000 - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor B.A.Mavlonov, and from September 2000 - Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Kh.N.Mavlyanov, and by S.I. Nazarov from 2010.The  postgraduate course in 02.00.06 - Chemistry of high-molecular compounds in 1996, the doctorate in 2000, and in 2001 a magistracy on the specialty 5A440401 - Inorganic chemistry. Nowadays 2 researchers and 7 masters carry out research work at the department.There are 3 manuals and 43 teaching aids, more than 700 scientific articles and lecture thesises of professors and lecturers of the department published in prestigious magazines of Republic and foreign countries, at republican and international scientific conferences.The department and the institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as many higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign universities and research centers have been established.

       The graduate student of the chair G.A.Ihtiyarova got the qualification from “Iste'dod”,the Presidential Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a grant from the 2002-2003 academic year on the specialty "Chemistry technology". From    October 8 to October 5, 2004, Master of the Department M.S.Sharipov got the qualification from “Iste'dod”,the Presidential Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 2002-2003 academic year on the specialty "Chemistry technology" in the "Biotechnology and chemical technology" direction for the 2003-2004 academic year, at the Shanghai University of Information Technology improved his qualification in engineering. The years 2001-2005 have been successful for the department. In 2001, the textbook "Polymer Physics and Chemistry" was awarded to the 2nd place by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of M.A. Askarov, O.Ya.Yoriev, N.N.Yodgorov. In 2002, the professor of the department, doctor of chemical sciences O.Y.Yoriev was awarded with the diploma of the Republican competition "The best scientific leader of the year" of the "Ustoz" Republican Fund. In 2001-2002 M.Sharipov, 2003, 2004, M.B.Rakhimova became Beruni and Ulugbek State Scholar. In 2002, the post graduate student G.A.Ihtiyarova, and in 2003 the M.S.Sharipov became the Prizident Scholar. The talented students of the department are successfully participating in the Olympiads. In 2001-2002 M.Sharipov, in 2003-2004 M.B.Rakhimova took first place in the II stage of the Republican Olympiad on chemistry. The following state grants received in 2002, there were 7 million 200 thousand sums, in 2003 - 12 million. In 2007, 30 million sums. In 2015-28 million sums. In 2017- 32 million sums.

       In August 2005, Sharipov was awarded the State Prize "Shuhrat". In September 2005, M.Sharipov, a post-graduate student of the department, became a winner of the competition for postgraduate students dedicated to the 14th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in "Energy, resources, industry".   


BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Head of the department of Chemistry, doctor of technical sciences, professor


Phone number:+99891442-28-62

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

He began his scientific and pedagogical activity in 1985.



* In 1985-1990 worked as a teacher at the Bukhara Technological Institute.

* From 1990 to 2000 he worked as the head of the department "Biological and bioorganic chemistry" of the Bukhara Medical Institute.

* From 2000 to 2002 he worked at the Bukhara State University as a PhD student at the Department of General Chemistry, and from 2002 to 2005 he worked as Vice Rector for Science and Information Technology.

* In 2005 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Chemistry and technology of composite materials" at the D. 067.50.01 specialized council under the scientific and technological complex "Science and Progress" under the theme "Water-soluble polymer compositions, properties and their application on the basis of local raw materials" made. He is the author of more than 70 scientific articles and scientific-methodical manuals. He has participated in more than 20 international scientific and theoretical conferences and symposiums.

* Under the direct supervision of M.R.Amonov 4 candidates of science were trained and successfully defended in the specialized councils.

* Vice-rector for Science in Bukhara State University in 2005-2006. Vice-rector for advanced training and retraining of teachers at academic lyceums and vocational colleges under Bukhara State University in 2006-2007. Dean of the Faculty of Biology, since 2011 to the post of Vice-rector of professional development and retraining of academic lyceums and professional colleges under Bukhara State University. Since 2012, Professor of General Chemistry Department. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Specialized Council under the SUE "Science and Progress" at Tashkent State Technical University.  


213 students are trained on chemical-5140500-chemistry. 7 masters are trained on the specialty 5A140501 - Chemistry (in the field of sciences).


1. Name of the scienceIntroduction to modern chemistry

2. Inorganic chemistry

3. Analytical chemistry

4. Organic chemistry

5. Physics chemistry

6. Chemistry of HUMB

7. Colloidal chemistry

8. Substance structure

9. Chemical technology

10. The structure of chemical compounds

11. Physical research methods

12. Natural polymers chemistry

13. Chemistry (Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry)

14. Chemistry (Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry)

15. Chemistry (physkolloid)

16. Chemistry (Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry)

17. Fundamentals of Chemistry

18. Chemistry (physcolloid)

19. Methods of teaching chemistry

20. Methodology of problem solving

21. Ecological Chemistry

22. Chemistry

23. Bioorganic chemistry

24. Chemistry of paints

25. Chemistry of complex compounds

26. Biochemistry

27. Theory of Organic Compounds

28. Chemistry (organic chemistry) 


1. Amonov Mukhtar Rakhmatovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, chair of department

2. Ikhtiyarova Gulnora Akmalaovna, candidate of technical sciences, docent

3. Umarov Baqo Bafoyevich, Ph.D., professor

4. Avezov Khasan Tilloyevich, Ph.D., docent

5. Razzokov Khasan Kalandarovich, Ph.D., docent

6. Nazarov Sayfullo Ibodulloyevich, Ph.D., docent

7. Khudoynazarova Gulbakhor Akkiyevna - candidate of technical sciences, docent

8. Sharipov Muzafar Samandarovich, candidate of technical sciences, docent

9. Niyazov Erkin Dilmurodovich, candidate of technical sciences, docent

10. Ergashov Mansur Yarashovich, candidate of technical sciences, docent

11. Ravshanov Kazokmurod Asadovich, candidate of pedagogical science

12. Tursunov Murod Amonovich, - teacher

13. Sulaymonova Zilola Abdurakhmonovna, teacher

14. Kodirova Zulfiya Kobilovna, senior teacher

15. Avezov Kuvondiq Giyosovich, - teacher

16. Shirinov Gayrat Kadyrjonovich - teacher

 17. Nazarov Nurullo Ibodulloyevich - teacher

18. Niyazov Alisher Komilovich, - teacher

19. Amonova Matluba Mukhtorovna, - teacher

20. Hudoyorova Etibor Akhadovna, - teacher

21. Khudoyberdiyev Shukhrat Shamsiddinovich - teacher

22. Tillayeva Dildora Murodilloevna - teacher

23. Abdurakhmanov Sayfiddin Fazliddinovich, senior teacher

24. Nuritdinova Feruza Fazliddinovna- teacher

25. Khazratova Dilshoda, - teacher

26. Sharipova Lobar Olimovna- teacher


           The department of chemistry also works in the field of science. Including prof. M.R.Amonov, prof. B.B.Umarov, prof. G.A. Ikhtiyarova, associate professor M.S. Sharipov, S.I.Nazarov, E. Niyazov, Q.A. Ravshanov, G.A. Khudoynazarova, M.Ya. Ergashov, H.Q. Razzokov and teachers of the department write different articles and booklets, and contribute their scientific contribution. F.Qosimov's "The system of creative tasks in mathematics classes of elementary grade", D.Ruziev "Music in elementary education", O.Samadov's "Some remarks on national art and culture", M.Tilavova`s methodological manual and monographs "Technology of organizing work-classes of elementary class" are among them. M.Kosimova, G.Umarova, B.Yoldoshev, U.Hayitov, J. Atamuradov are engaged in educational and methodical and scientific researches.The department also focuses on educational work, annually conducting student contests with students such as "Orasta qizlar", "Do you know the right" and others.The department of chemistry also cooperates with other higher educational institutions. Among them are Kori Niyazi Scientific Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, TSPU, Termez DU, Kokand DPI, Navoi DPI Karshi DU and others.

Address of the Department:16, Kayum Murtazoev street, Bukhara city

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