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Department of Geography and Edaphology

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

About the department

The faculty of Geography and Edaphology was established in Bukhara State University after promulgation of the Decree No.5/5 of the board of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992. If in 1996 the faculty was renamed into the faculty of Agricultural sciences, in 2001 April 25 it was changed as the faculty of Agrarian sciences.

Up until now there were trained 533 specialists of agriculture. At present more than 436 students are studying in 5 disciplines for bachelor’s and master’s degree at the faculty. The staff of  4 departments of the faculty consist of 2 doctors, 18 associate professors, 2 senior teachers and 4 teachers. The faculty has been working in cooperation with 24 various organizations such as foreign and regional higher educational establishments, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and several centers of education.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Head of department: Candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor

Yunusov Rustam

Phone number:(+99891)408-09-13

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational specializations of the department

- 5140900 – Professional education (KXM)

-5140900-Professional education (Agronomy)


-5620100-Agrichemistry and soil sciences

-5111022- Professional education (preservation and reproduction of agricultural products)

- 5141000- Edaphology

- 5440500 – Geography

Total number of students studying for the specialization of Geography, Soil sciences, Professional education (Agronomy) and Professional education (preservation and reproduction of agricultural products) is 236.

Scientific discipline of the department:

1.“Increasing productivity of soil and improving soil” Kh.T.Artikova, I.Nafetdinov, R.Yunusov, H.Salimova

2. “Further improvement of agricultural plant and seed selection” M,Makhmudov, T,Usmonov

3. “The problems of increasing productivity of fruits and vegetables” R.Yunusov, B.Karimov, A.Ilyosov, O.Sharipov

4. “Efficient use of local water resources of desert areas” Kh.Toshov, G.Halimova

6. “Problems of formation and development of cities in condition of desert” A.Mavlonov

7. “Formation and development of economical social geography in Uzbekistan” A.Kadirov

8. “Geographic features of toponomy of Bukhara ” A.Nematov

9. N.Raupova , B.Toirov, X.T.Artikova “Biology and microbiology of soil”. Sharq, 2013. -126p.

10.S.Islomov, Z.Abduqayumov, Sh Nafetdinov “Growing citrus fruits in a greenhouse”. Toshkent moliya iqtisodiyoti nashriyoti, 2013

Courses of the department:

Undergraduate studies:

1. Soil sciences

2.Introduction to Edophology.

3. Examining soils in the field and mapping them.

4.The problems of chemical pollution of soil and their solution.

5. Soils of Uzbekistan and their evolution.

6. Soil judgment

7. Problems of genetic edophology

8.Fundamental geology and mineralogy

9. Ways of agrochemical examination


11. World geography

12. Physical geography of Middle Asia

13. History of development of geography

14. Geographic regional studies

15.Geographic forecast

16. General Earth sciences

17. Toponomy

18. Fundamental geology and geomorphology

19.Economical geography of Uzbekistan

20. Preservation and reprocessing of agricultural products

Address of the department: Department of Geography and Edophology, Room 202, Floor 2, Building 5, 17 M.Ikbol street , Bukhara city

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