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Department of English linguistics

The history of English linguistics department

The chair was founded in 1962 under the name "Foreign languages ​​chair".

* In 1967, the department of English was organized and was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent YVGulkarov.

* In 1967, the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​began to function as an independent faculty and English, German and French departments were established.

* In 1988-2000, this department was renamed into English Philology Department.

Since 2000, the Department of English Language has been divided into two parts: English Stylistics and Literature (Head of the Department: M. Baghiyeva) and English Linguistics (Head of the Department: Ph.D.M.X.Alimova)

* In 2004, the Department of English Philology expanded, and two departments were formed: "English Phonetics and Grammar" and "English Lexicology and Stylistics". Since 2005, two departments have been functioning in the English Philology Department.

* In the academic year 2006 -2007, the chair of English linguistics, Ph.D. N.DJ Shirinova has been the head of the department.

* From 2007 to 2011, the Department of English Linguistics was headed by Professor Chodmonov K.

* In 2011 - English Linguistics Chairs of English Stylistics and Literature were united. The department has been called "English Philology".

* In 2011-2012 academic year the head of the chair of English philology was appointed as a candidate of philological sciences. senior lecturer Anvar Askarovich Haydarov.

* From 2012 to present – the Head of the Department of English Linguistics, Ph.D. Rasulov Zubaydullo Izomovich is leading.


BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Head of the department:

Rasulov Zubaydullo Izomovich

    Candidate of philological sciences
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Address: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol street 11
 BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti  Phone: (90) 715 51 32
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Fax: (0 365) 221-29-11
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti Reception days: Every day from 15.00 to 17.00

List of teachers of English linguistics department

 Teacher's surname


Rasulov . Z.I

Ph.D., Ph.D.

Gadoyeva. M.I

Ph.D., associate professo

Khodjayeva . D. I

PhD is a senior teacher

Khosimova. N. F

PhD is a senior teacher

Umurova X.H

senior teacher

Kobilova N.S

senior teacher

Saidova M.U

senior teacher

Tursunov М.М

senior teacher

Rakhmatova M.M

senior teacher

Xamroeva G.I

senior teacher

Yunusova А.А.


Kobilova A.


Saparova M.R.


Usmanova Z.X


Hayrullaeva N


Ahmedova S.X.


Djumaeva N.J.


Holikova N.


Salihkova N.


Namozova Kamola


Haydarov A.A.

Ph.D., Dean

Fayzullaev O.M.


Akramov I.I.


Saidov X.Sh.


Sharopova Z


Shchigabutdinova D







Philology and Language Teaching (English) - 5 120 100

387 students are studying at the Department of Philology and Foreign Languages ​​(English) in the field of foreign philology education.


23 students are studying at the department for master's degree programs.

Foreign Philology Education: Linguistics (English) -5A 220 01 01 and Literature - 5A 220 01 02

In September-October, 2018 the department carried out the following work on the basis of innovation cooperation:

 Senior Lecturer DKIhodjaeva has received a US $ 50,000 grant from the US Embassy in Uzbekistan for the project 'English Access Microscholarship Program - STEM' for 2018-2020. The purpose of the grant is to pass two-year free English language courses for 48 students (3 groups) studying in various directions of the Bukhara State University. We have formed these groups with the involvement of students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology and Physics and Mathematics. The project started its work in Bukhara State University in October 2018 and the special account of the university has been allocated for 6 months ($ 12,300 - 101,181,030 sums). In the framework of the grant, teachers of the Department of English Linguistics:

  1. D.Khodjaeva - Project Coordinator

2.A.Yunusova - teacher

  1. M. Saidova - teacher
  2. NF Kosimova - teachers are included in the working group.


Scientific achievements and research of the department

The department has its own scientific direction: "Lexical-semantic system of language, comparative typology and problems of literature".

 Teachers of the Department of English Language and Literature conduct research in various fields during the 2017-2018 academic year.

On the basis of the plan on November 25-26, 2017 the Republican scientific-practical conference with the participation of foreign scientists on the theme "Communicative approach to teaching foreign languages: language, thinking, culture" was held. The conference was attended by national and foreign scientists. 23 theses of professor-teachers of the department were published in the collection of materials of scientific-practical conference.

 In 2018, the department published the 9th edition of the traditional "Language Lexical Semantic System, Comparative-Typological Research and Literary Problems". This collection includes 78 theses of professor-teachers of the department.

The monograph "The poetry translation and comparative poetry of the English and American literature to the Uzbek language" was published in the "Fan" publishing house of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. F.f.n. Z.I.Rasulov's monograph "Sintaksichesky ellipsis kak proyavlenie ekonomii yazyka (na materiale angliyskogo yazyka)" was published. Also, the chair of the monograph "Ethnographies in the English translation of the Uzbek ritual folklore" was discussed at the faculty meeting (26.01.2017), faculty council (27.01.2017) and university scientific-technical council and recommended for publication.

In 2018, there are 2 senior researchers and 1 independent researcher. OM Fayzullaev and R.I.Zaripova, senior researcher-researchers, are enrolled in the basic doctorate at the Institute of Postgraduate Education by Decree № 304 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 22, 2017 "On Measures for Further Improvement of Postgraduate Education System" as a "doctorate" as an accepted person. Research done by PhD students from January to June 2017 was monitored on 27.06.2017. The independent researcher of the department is A.R.Radjabova.

The candidate of philosophical sciences (PhD) on the theme: "Linguistic asymmetry and its interrogation in the field of comparative literature, comparative linguistics and interpretation", Uzbek State University of World Languages, National University of Uzbekistan, DSc.27.06.2017.Fil.21.01. was successfully defended at a meeting of the Digital Scientific Council held on June 19, 2018.

Doctor of philosophy (on philological sciences) on the topic "Lexicographic analysis of linguistic terms (in the case of English, Russian and Uzbek dictionaries)" on the specialty 10.00.06 - Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics and Translation Studies (PhD) dissertation at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbek State World Languages ​​University, National University of Uzbekistan, DSc.19.06.2017. Fil.21.01. who successfully defended the 20th session of the Digital Scientific Council on June 20, 2018.


In the 2016-2017 academic year, teachers of the English Language and Literature Department published 69 scientific articles and 14 scientific papers in national scientific journals included in OAK. More than 156 articles were published in different republican and university conferences. Of these, 78 were published in the VIII number of the traditional collection of the English language and literature on the theme "Lexical semantic system of language, comparative-typological researchers and problems of literature", 25-26 November, 2016 " 23 abstracts were published in the collection of materials of the republican scientific-practical conference with participation of foreign scientists on a theme "Communicative approach: language, thought, culture".

Working with talented students:

At the Department of English Language and Literature there is a circle "Problems of comparative-typological study of the lexical semantic structure of language" and 25 students of philology and language teaching (English) and foreign language and literature circle they were. The action plan for the 2018-2019 academic year is being implemented in a timely manner. In the 8th issue of the book "Lexicon-semantic system of language, comparative typological research and literary criticism", published annually in the English language and literature chair (16), "Communicative approach to foreign language teaching: language, (9), collection of "The traditional republican scientific-practical conference of young linguists and literary critics" (1), "Young scientists and students of the XXI century" (2), "Globalization processes, moral threats, youth education and upbringing" (3), international conference "A century of intellectual generation" (2), international scientific magazines (7), and 40 articles and abstracts of talented students. List of gifted students' scientific articles is attached.

In accordance with the order of the rector of the Bukhara State University on March 9, 2018, the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Philology held the first Olympiad on English Language and Literature between March 30 and April 1, 2017 'tdi.

28 students participated in the first stage of the Republican Olympiad. Olympiad consists of 4 stages, summarizing the results of essay, test, dialogue and simultaneous translation, and 3 prize places:

1st place Karimova Khadicha - 320 points;

Hakimova Nargiza and Nazarova Maxfuza - 290 points;

3 place Hayotjonova Shohista 280 points.

Kharimova, who took the first place in the first round, took part in the Republican stage of the Tashkent State World Languages ​​University on May 17-18 and took the 2nd place among the students of a number of universities of the Republic.

In general, our department's students are in constant contact with their research supervisors and their work is satisfactory.

Works done abroad.

 On November 20, 2018, the US Embassy in Uzbekistan organized a seminar training at Bukhara State University. The seminar was conducted by the English Language Specialist, PhD David Kieza (David Chiesa). David Kieza is a philosopher and has devoted his research to studying the literacy of foreign language teachers in Uzbekistan. The specialist has organized master classes for English language teachers on the following topics that are important for foreign language teaching:

  1. Building Our Students 'Pragmatic Competence - Forming students' pragmatic competence;


  1. Instructed Second Language Acquisition - Second Language Education;


Using A Sociocultural Perspective - Interviewing Students Using Foreign Languages: Public Opinion.


Faculty of Philology Department of English linguistics

Senior lecturer of the English linguistics department D. Hodzhaeva has received a US $ 50,000 grant from the US Embassy in Uzbekistan for the project 'English Access Microscholarship Program - STEM' for 2018-2020. The purpose of the grant is to pass two-year free English language courses for 48 students (3 groups) studying in various directions of the Bukhara State University. These groups were formed with the involvement of students from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology and Physics and Mathematics. The project started its work in Bukhara State University in October 2018 and the special account of the university has been allocated for 6 months ($ 12,300 - 101,181,030 soums).

   Agreements on scientific cooperation with foreign HEIs and R & Ds and their work.

Senior Lecturer at the English Language Laboratory M.M. Rakhmatova participates in the US Embassy project "Publishing scientific articles on research and teaching English in Uzbekistan" at the Republican Scientific Practical Center for Development of Innovative Methods for Foreign Languages ​​Teaching at the Uzbek State World Languages ​​University. This project is being implemented in three stages between May 2018 and May 2019, involving Jina Bennett, a professor at the George Mason University in the United States. At each stage, the English language courses offered by the Republic of Uzbekistan HEIs provide training courses for professors and teachers in the center. 20th-20th October - 22nd October, trainings on international scientific research and publications in authoritative magazines, lessons learned on impact factor and color. M. Rakhmatova is studying in the field of linguistics in CORPUS. The topic of the research is "Exploring Gazettes in Uzbekistan: Corpus of Uzbekistan today and Times of Central Asia". The results of the research were sent to the TESOL and AAAL associations in order to participate in international conferences.


2020 also started successfully for the Department of English Linguistics. One of the biggest achievements of the senior teacher of the department M.M. Rakhmatova in January successfully defended her dissertation on "Linguistic features of the concept of" beauty "in English, Uzbek and Tajik national culture" and received the title of Doctor of Philosophy in Philology. .

The number of articles in the Scopus database will increase to 14 in 2020, which are also articles by a single author, written by several authors. One article was published in the journal of the International HAC, and the number of articles in the journals of the HAC was 8.

Mina Gavel, a foreign teacher working at the department, M.M. Rakhmatova, a member of the department, with the support of the US Embassy and Bukhara State University organized seminars and trainings for school teachers working in remote villages. awarded with. The project cost 5,200,000 soums.

In January, Gadoyeva M.I. 500,000 soums, Vohidova F.S. and Akramov I.I. They executed economic contracts for 300,000 to 600,000 soums, for a total of 1,100,000 soums.

The number of published monographs has reached 9 since the beginning of this year. These monographs published by  Haydarov A.A., Gadoyeva M.I., Qobilova N.S., Qobilova A.B., Yuldasheva F.E., Djumayeva N.J., Kholikova N.N., Usmonova Z.H., Jumayeva O.I.

In February and March 2020, another project was implemented by the senior lecturer of the department, PhD M.M.  Rakhmatova and the US Embassy. As part of the project, Professor Lynn Zimmerman from the United States conducted trainings on "Developing an online curriculum for speaking classes" at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Bukhara State University. As a  result of the training, 12 teachers of the Department of English Linguistics were awarded certificates from the American Embassy for participation in 150-hour advanced training courses



The department has published over the last 5 years, textbooks, monographs, manuals, educational-methodical works

English linguistics


Monograph     3

Education       6

Teaching and Learning    15

Article          300 bucks

Address of the department: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol street, 11, 3-floor, 3-storey.

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