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- The scientific and technical council of the university is actively working. The main purpose of the Council is to develop the basic principles and practice of implementation of scientific, scientific-technical and innovative policy in the university. Functions: 

- to provide university professors with the opportunity to participate in fundamental and applied research, scientific projects and coordination of projects expertise; 

- To expand the scope of scientific research carried out at the university and to develop mechanisms for the use of scientific capacities of the ministries and departments of the Academy of Sciences in the scientific and pedagogical training; 

Effective use of the scientific potential of the university in determining the scientific, practical and scientific-technical problems of the development of the Republic's economy;

 - organization of scientific work and ensuring the fulfillment of the established term;

 - Learning trends in the education system of advanced countries, implementation of the tasks set out in the Law "On Education", "National Program for Personnel Training" and other relevant laws of science and education the development of methodologies and tools for increasing the quality and effectiveness of their implementation

- To make proposals to the Ministry of Higher Education on accelerating the activity of the postgraduate education institute in the preparation of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres, opening new professions

- Regularly discuss the research work carried out on the dissertations of PhD students and Ph.D. dissertations on the faculty meeting, Academic Council, Scientific and Technical Council and University Council

- Development of programs aimed at increasing the effectiveness of their work with gifted students on each faculty and ensuring their implementation at the university

2018 yil 12 iyunda Jismoniy madaniyat fakulьteti dekani Ma’murov Bahodir Baxshillayevich  “Bo’lajak o’qituvchilarda akmeologik yondashuv asosida ta’lim jarayonini loyihalash ko’nikmalarini rivojlantirish” mavzusidagi fan doktori (DSc) dissertatsiyasini Toshkent davlat pedagogika universiteti huzuridagi DSc.27.06.2017.Ped.26.01 raqamli Ilmiy kengashda muvaffaqiyatli himoya qilgan.





2018 yil 18 iyunda Mehnat ta’limi kafedrasi o’qituvchisi To’rayev Akmal Atoyevich “Maydon tranzistor asosidagi ko’p funktsiyali datchikning kanali kambag’allashgan rejimdagi sezgirlik xususiyatlari” mavzusidagi falsafa doktori (PhD)  dissertatsiyasini Andijon davlat universiteti huzuridagi PhD.28.02.2018.FM.60.01 raqamli ilmiy kengashda muvaffaqiyatli himoya qilgan.

      JAMOL KAMOL "National Poet of Uzbekistan"

       Jamol Kamol was born on November 9, 1938 in Shofirkon region of Bukhara District. In 1959 he graduated from Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute, Uzbek Philology Faculty.

           The poet's poetic collections began to be published periodically. The collections as "The Lightning in the Thunderstorms", "The Stony Horny", "Intellegence", "The Goblet" and "World full of hope" were appreciated by fans. Jamol Kamol is a prominent poet, translator, a well-known literary critic. In 1971, he defended his PhD thesis on "Composition in Lyric Poetry."

         During the years of independence, Jamol Kamol translated the original works of Shakespeare and Rumi. At the same time like F. Attor he also masterfully translated the works of the greatest poets of the East into Uzbek."National Poet of Uzbekistan" Jamol Kamal's collection entitled "Farewell to the Century" was published in 2007. The second part of the collection was published in 2017

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