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Rules of registration of dissertation

The abstract on the dissertation must be published and multiplied. It is recommended to write the manuscript in font 14and interval of 1 of WORD.

It is recommended that the abstract of the dissertation on doctoral dissertation should not exceed 32 pages, and for candidate dissertation - not more than 16 pages. The dissertation in the field of social and humanitarian sciences can be increased by more than 30 percent.

The abstract of the dissertation consists of a cover and a part of the text. Posthumous publication, list of published jobs at the end of the abstract, resume and illustrations are not included in the total volume.

 The text of the abstract is divided into the following sections:

  1. General description of the dissertation. This section contains the following parts:
  2. a) The relevance of the subject;
  3. b) Level of knowledge of the problem;
  4. c) Relationship of dissertation work with research plans;
  5. g) Purpose of the research;
  6. d) Research Tasks;
  7. e) Scientific novelty;
  8. j) Scientific and practical significance of the research results;
  9. h) introduction of results;
  10. i) examination of the work;
  11. k) announcement of the results;
  12. l) the structure and volume of dissertation.
  13. The main content of dissertation. Here is a brief description of the research.
  14. Summary. This section should contain the main conclusions and recommendations.

List of works published. At the same time, only a list of author's works published on the topic of dissertation is given.

  1. Resume includes:

basic (most important) words;

research objects;

purpose of work;

research Method;

results and their novelty;

practical significance;

degree of implementation and economic efficiency;

field of usage;


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