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About senior research assistant- candidates of University

According to the decree №304 of Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017 on May 22 “About improving the system of After Higher Education” it was opened 21 places to PhD level and 6 places for DSc level at the University. Now 2 DSc, 21 PhD and 12 independent researchers research scientific works on their doctorate dissertations.

It pays attention to the preparing of higher qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres at the University and each faculty and department made their own future plans for it. The specialties of after higher education at the University:

 01.01.01- Mathematical analyzes

01.01.02- Differential equations and mathematical physics02.00.01- Inorganic chemistry,


03.00.13-Soil research,

05.05.05-The theoretical bases of heat technologies,

05.06.02- Primary processing of textile materials technology and raw materials (chemical sciences)

07.00.01-History of Uzbekistan,

08.00.04-Economy of agriculture, 

08.00.05-Economy of service branches,

10.00.01-Uzbek language,

10.00.02-Uzbek literature,

10.00.06-Comparative literature study, mixed linguistics and theory of translation,

10.00.08 – Folklore study,

13.00.01- Theory and history of pedagogy. Management in education,

13.00.02-The theory and methodic of Education(on branches),

13.00.04-Theory and methodic of physical culture and sport trainings, 

19.00.05-Social psychology. Ethno psychology.

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