The activity of senior scientific searchers at the University

In 21 specialties of University senior scientific workers and independent applicants are working on their doctorate dissertations based on the Decree №365 “About improving attestation of higher qualified and scientific pedagogical cadres and education after higher schools” adopted in 2012, on December 28 by Supreme Soviet  of the Republic Uzbekistan. Today 21 senior scientific workers and 37 independent applicants are working on their dissertation works. The specialties of senior scientific workers and independent applicants are the same with specialties of University.

 It pays attention to preparing professional scientific and scientific-pedagogic cadres at the faculties and chairs of University. Each faculty and chair has its own plans for developing scientific process. There are fallowing specialties in senior scientific worker-researching institute:

01.04.07.-Condensed position physics,

02.00.01-Inorganic chemistry,

02.00.06-High-molecular compositions,

02.00.07-Compositional, lacquer-paint and rubber materials’ chemistry and technology,

03.00.12-Biotechnology, 03.00.13-Soil science,

05.05.05-Theoretical bases of  heat technique,

07.00.01-History of Uzbekistan,

07.00.07-History science, source study and historical researching methods,

07.00.09-History of social-political institutions and processes,

08.00.05-Economy of the branch of services


08.00.12- Continental economy,

09.00.01-Ontology, gnoseology and logic,

10.00.01-Uzbek linguistic. Uzbek literature,

10.00.06-Comparative literature, mixed linguistics and translation,

10.00.07 – Theory of literature

10.00.08 – Study of folklore

13.00.01-Theory and history of pedagogy. Management in education,

13.00.02-Theory and methodic of education(on branches)

19.00.05-Social psychology. Senior scientific workers-researchers are working on specialty of ethnopsychology.



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