Designing of software systems

Object-oriented analysis and design of software  is today a very relevant topic for software developers around the world. In our university on this topic, too, pay very close attention. In the boundaries of the PROMIS project, a professor of the University of Grenoble Alpes (France, Grenoble), Daniel Bardou, was invited from 8 to 12 May of this year to hold a seminar on the subject "Aspect-oriented programming in AspectJ" It was the second seminar devoted to the theme of design.


As in the previous seminar, this time too, participants of the special course "Programming as a second competency", students of the master's degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, active students in the field of education "professional education (Informatics) and teachers of the "Information Technologies" department. There were listeners from other universities of the city of Bukhara.

The goal of the seminar is to bring to the logical conclusion of the course "Object-oriented Design Patterns in Java", which was conducted by a professor in Tashkent in November last year. Then the teachers of the department "Information Technologies" S.S. Babayev and T.B. Boltaev were invited to the seminar from our university. T.B. Boltaev conducted this part of the seminar for students of our university again before the arrival of prof. Bardo, to bring the listeners to the level of understanding of the second part of this seminar.

The concept "Aspect" is considered as a certain vision for the use of the already ready architectural solution of the Software. Adjust the system or part of the system to perform a slightly modified requirement or to improve the architecture. The professor explained very deeply, broadly enough and in a clear Java programming language why we need aspects, than they differ from design patterns, when to use patterns, and when to use aspects and other important design points.

Bardo has a very high level of professionalism as a programmer and as a teacher. An approach that he already demonstrated in Tashkent is remembered. The problem to be solved is explained, a brainstorm is being made to get a feedback. Explains all the wrong approaches that by audience offered. The proposed approaches, those are very close to the correct solution and are shown in the codes positive and negative sides, and at the end, the correct approach is demonstrated. This process takes place as a sequence of pleasant surprises. I think his second profession manifests here. He is also a professional theater actor. As he says, now he is preparing for a new play "License for Murder." If a teacher has actor skills, it's only for the best.

Teachers of the department talked with a respected and at the same time very sociable, with a broad outlook on life, an interesting and professional of his work, a professor on various topics during the change

After the last session, a meeting with the professor of the teaching staff of the department "Information Technologies" was held. The professor told about his university, what is common with our university, what is different, how students study, what problems they work on, how they rest, in a word about the life of the University of Grenoble-Alpes. Answered the questions of teachers. April and May months of the current for teachers and students of the department "Information Technology" were very busy with interesting seminars and meetings.

The task is set, the decision process is underway.

Brief repetition of the first part of the seminar

Photo for memory with teachers and students of the department


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