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Speech of the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment and Working with the Youth, addressed to university pedagogical staff and students!

BDU-Buxoro davlat universitetiPatriotic and humanitarian, entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial, modern knowledge of the university students, who have high moral and ethical qualities, feel the responsibility of the society, the state and the family, understand internal and external politics of the state The main task is to prepare strong, energetic and conscientious specialists with the will of the Almighty, armed with superior human qualities.

    Preventing any behavior that is directed toward the eradication of morality among young people, including violence, ill-treatment and cruelty, including the use of alcohol and drug addiction, other deadly threats, as religious and extremistic, to protect human rights from massive "mass culture" attacks, the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Program of Personnel Training, the Law "On Education", and "On Principles and Guarantees of Freedom of Information", relevant orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Charter of the University, internal procedures and universally recognized moral and ethical principles were developed by the Bukhara State University's morality.

     According to Section 3 of the rules of morality of Bukhara State University - General rules on the morals of the members of the team, 3.3. - Members of the team are interested in the physical, it is forbidden to come in sportswear or footwear, upper from the knee, and with overly wide garments or religious dressing, metal chains, pockets, and various body braces. It is established that the members of the team should come up with a uniform (Bukhara State University rules of ethics are approved at the 1st meeting of the Scientific Council of the University "Bukhara State University's Code of Ethics" on August 29, 2011).

     Also, in the letter of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of July 5, 2018, some pedagogical staff and students are encouraged to send their students to the higher education institution with a slender look, knitted tops, and in excessive sweatshirt or religious dressing, metal chains, pockets, bearded, clinging to the scarf. It is a violation of ethical rules by the public as well as causes a variety of misunderstandings and violations of internal procedures.

     In this regard, each pedagogue-employee and student are entitled to a higher education institution in accordance with the Charter of the BSU. Internal regulations and international standards, in order to ensure that they are dressed properly, the spiritual and ethical principles, the national traditions of our people, our traditions and the values ​​of our national spirituality were summarized in the university rules and reaffirmed at the university council.

The order and culture of clothing in Bukhara State University (BSU)

     male students of pedagogical staff must come to the territory of Bukhara in white shirt, classic style suit, tie and dark shoe;

     female pedagogues and students should come to the BSU white blouses, a skirt and suit, and a dark shoes;

     the male appearance of the educators and students should be tidy, clean, shaved;

     students, the teachers and the staff in the service room can not be in the upper clothes in the auditorium(sack, coat, jacket etc.);

    teachers and students can`t come to Bukhara in the form of religious worship, sports wear;

Additionally, for the violation of these rules, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2017 "On Approval of Regulations on Admission to Higher Education Institutions, Transferring, Restoring and Displacement of Students" (approved by the Decision of the Academic Council of the Bukhara State University on 12 July 2018) approved).

    Dear university pedagogical staff!

   As an example to the students studying at the University, we must follow the internal rules ourselves, and be able to adhere to these internal regulations.


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