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Historically, Bukhara, mentioned as “Age mate of Rome”, “the Oriental Paris”, has become popular in the world as one of the centers of secular and religious sciences. Here in September 1930 Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute was founded. In the early years of independence, more precisely, it was granted the status of the university in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 28 February 1992, PF-356 and the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 11, Today, this institution celebrates its 85th anniversary.

Bukhara State University is one of the oldest universities in Uzbekistan. At the beginning there were 17 pedagogical staff, and today there are 489 pedagogical staff. Until 1992, the institute, which has only been educated as a pedagogical institute, has expanded its capacity as a university in 1992. In the 1990-91 it had only 16 education directions, but now there are 35 training directions.

Until the founding of Urganch (1934), Karshi (1955), Termez (1956) state universities, Bukhara was the leader in preparing qualified pedagogical staff. Later the university became the basis of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute and Bukhara branch of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration.

At the University there are scientific schools on philosophy, Uzbek language and literature, folklore, history of Uzbekistan, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics-informatics, psychology, pedagogy and economics. Over the years of independence, university professors and teachers have successfully defended 26 doctoral and 201 candidate dissertations. At present, the local cadres are actively pursuing the activities of these academic schools, which have long been established at the university.

At present, Bukhara State University has 6 faculties and 26 departments, with 6246 students in 35 educational areas and 129 masters in 14 specialties. At the same time, 22 senior researchers are searching for a major research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in 21 specialties.

19 professors and teachers of the university, who are selfless, competent, deeply aware of responsibility for the fate of the country and people, who are devoted to the education of patriotic-minded scientific, scientific-technical and scientific-pedagogical staff and has 128 Ph.D. degrees.

In our country, great care and attention is paid to the education and upbringing of the youth under the auspices of our Honorary President. This attention and careful attitude is also observed from year to year increasing the amount of funds directed to strengthening the material and technical basis of higher education institutions. In particular, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov number 1533 of May 20, 2011 "On measures to strengthen the material and technical base of higher education institutions and radically improve the quality of training of highly-qualified specialists" several buildings and facilities were included in the capital repair program. Based on this decision, the construction and repair works for the amount of 45.551.000.0 (forty five billion five hundred fifty one million) soums were carried out at the university in 2013-2015. For these buildings, laboratory equipment for the amount of 1.540.340.0 (one billion five hundred forty million three hundred forty thousand) soums, laboratories for 93,574,0 (ninety three million five hundred seventy four thousand) sums and 48,321 units, 0 (forty eight million three hundred twenty one thousand) soums were purchased. As a result, 2 educational buildings and 6 student buildings have become modern requirements.

Audience rooms are equipped with modern computer equipments, equipped with video projectors and electronic boards. At the university, the system of internal local network was further upgraded and connected to the Internet with high speed.

In recent years, the university departments have been filled with young promising pedagogical staff, introducing innovations in science, introducing "science-education-production" closure, restoring the work of traditional scientific schools, are making progressive steps in building a school, raising a spiritually mature, educated person, and bringing the achievements in the field of information technology to the educational process. Strategic conceptual program for 2015-2025, aimed at modernization of Bukhara State University, has been developed for the sake of these great goals.

Taking into account the development of science as one of the key criteria for determining the country's development, and promoting and advancing the achievements of talented and creative students who engage in science to strengthen the spiritual immunity of the younger generation, and the development of new developments that can lead to degrees, is one of the top priorities of the university's strategic development.

The team of Bukhara State University actively participates in the projects of state scientific and technical programs. Bukhara State University conducts international cooperation with more than 20 scientific and educational centers and universities and foreign organizations in foreign countries. Achieving international grants for international programs and funds has always been a highlight of the university. At Bukhara State University there are 6 foreign grant projects that are aimed at the development of higher education in the Tempus Foundation. Four more projects were won in 2015.

The prospective directions of science at the university are increasing year by year. Problems of the use of alternative sources of energy, problems of optics, geliotechnology, soil science and soil corrosion, composing materials, problems of philology (linguistics, literature and folklore), historical historiography and sources of history of Uzbekistan, actual problems of the history of Oriental philosophy, Problems such as creation of new varieties of agricultural crops, creation of national programs on information and communication technologies, microscopic and high water use in biodiversity and biotechnological treatment of wastewater, algebra, geometry, ornithology, pedagogy, psychology economics and tourism services have made a great contribution to the development of scientific capacities in the educational institution.

Implementation of the results and results of the research work in the university in various fields of the national economy, the establishment of an effective mechanism of innovative (collaborative) cooperation of science and production, training of highly qualified cadres and their the role of production in the process of providing support, increasing the effectiveness of the university research, as well as the institutional cooperation of the scientific and technological developments created by researchers and scientists such as "Biotechnology Problems", "Use of Geleophysics and Solar Energy", "Geleopoligon", "Desert Ecosystem Problems", "Ecological Center", "Psychological Service Center", " Center for Ologic Studies "Center for Innovative Science and Education Technologies.

More than forty innovations, which are included in the "Catologist" of the university in 2015, were distributed to production enterprises, organizations, farmers and at the republican and regional innovation fairs, More than ten contracts worth over 10 million soums were signed.

There are enough conditions for the university to raise the mentor-student system, to increase the capacity of young scientists, talented students, in particular to increase the love and interest of young people in science.

Automated electronic control systems for educational process and documentation are created at the University with the participation of professors and teachers and students, and are currently being optimized. In order to accelerate scientific work in this direction, a computer engineering laboratory was established under this department. An informational system supporting the educational and informational processes within the framework of its main scientific directions - BUIS; LMS Moddle is a software system that supports the development of curricula and teaching materials based on modular programming; work has been done to expand and improve the functional capabilities of the CuteFlow software, a software support and monitoring system for document flow streams in the university.

In 2015, in cooperation with PSUAITI Bukhara ITS seed farmers, 22 different collections of high-quality cotton fiber, high quality, fast-paced, resistant to all adverse environmental conditions have been created, In order to achieve the planned plan, 10 varieties were selected from among them, and hybridization of first-generation hybrid combinations was made. Such experimental researches will be further expanded taking into account the varieties of cotton "Bukhara - 6-10", "The power of Jondor" and "Porloq".

All ecological problems in the Bukhara region - changes in climate, in particular desertification processes, changes in the amount and duration of rainfall, fresh water problems, changes in soil composition, changes in soil and vegetation many of their problems, such as the degradation of their living conditions, are becoming increasingly scientifically relevant to the region.

At this historic age of 85 years, this educational institution offers innovative, innovative, interconfessional partnerships between science, education and production, innovation ideas, developments and technologies at the Republican fairs Providing an effective team of professors and lecturers, providing innovative group consisting of leading professors, teachers, senior researchers, independent researchers, students and representatives of industrial enterprises to continue the traditions of the existing scientific schools, to effectively use the potential of many years of scientific, pedagogical and professional experience, to attract talented students to scientific research and to develop prospective scientific and pedagogical cadres, a system of targeted works has been developed. In addition, the university attaches great importance to creating opportunities for increasing quotas for employment of graduates of specialized secondary professional colleges.

Ensuring the integration of science with education and production (introduction of results into production), increasing the scope and effectiveness of scientific research on the basis of economic contracts in the interests of manufacturing enterprises has become one of the directions of the university's continuous development.

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