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Scientific-practical museum of Bukhara State University

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

By the initiative of the rector of Bukhara State University A.A. Tulaganov a laboratory of scientifically-practical museum was established as a gift to the 85th anniversary of the university.

Exhibits and equipment contained in this museum were based on the exhibits of the previous museum. In order to enrich the composition of the museum and its creation on the basis of modern requirements, the scientific base was updated in cooperation with all faculties on a modern basis.

At the present time, with the aim of placing and organizing exhibits, professors-teachers of the Department of History, Biology, Geography, Physics, Language and Literature, Ecology, Physical Culture, Fine Arts and Military Sciences are assisting with us.

In addition, on the eve of the 85th anniversary of the university gifts, equipment and resources from higher educational institutions of the republic and neighboring republics were donated to the museum.

Nowadays inventory works have been carried out with a group of professors and teachers to register the exhibits present in the museum.

For this reason, we are grateful  for providing us with practical support to

 the university rector A.A. Tulyaganov, the vice rector A.Saidov and the head of the department A.Rashidov, the professors of the history department Sh.A. Hayitov, H.H. Turayev, senior lecturer A.H. Hamroyev, B.B. Boltayev, M.Z. Orziev, senior lecturer of biology department R.R. Rakhmonov and all deans of the faculty.

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