Faculty of Philology

Activities of the team of the Faculty is conducted in accordance with the "Law on Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Programme for Personnel Training and the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to improve and strengthen the material-technical base of universities and improve the quality of excellence." The priorities of the faculty are preparation of highly qualified specialists for higher, secondary special and secondary education, and other sectors of society.


Department of English Philology

History of the Department of English Philology

 The department was founded in 1962 and was called the Department of Foreign Languages. In 1967, the department was renamed to the Department of English Language and led by Ph.D., Associate Professor Y. Gulkarov. In the same year the Faculty of Foreign Languages was established, which included Department of English, French and German. In 1988, the department was renamed to Department of English Philology.


Кафедра русской филологии и литературы

История кафедры:

Кафедра  русского языка и литературы является одной из выпускающих кафедр филологического факультета Бухарского государственного университета.   
Кафедра  основана в 1935 году. В 1945 году русская филология вошла  в состав  Историко-филологического факультета. Заведующим кафедрой являлась доцент Храмцова К.Р.  Начиная с 1967 года кафедра была разделена по трем направлениям: русское языкознание, методика преподавания русского языка и литературы, русский язык на гуманитарных факультетах.

С 1993 года эти три кафедры реструктуризированы в две кафедры: русского языкознания и русской и мировой литературы.  С 1999 года эти две кафедры были объединены в одну кафедру русской филологии. В 2003 году заведующим кафедрой назначена доцент Джураева З.Р. С  января 2008  по 2011 год заведующим кафедры   являлся доцент Хон Ю.Л.


Department of Uzbek Philology

History of the department    

In 1930-1933 the Department of the Uzbek language and literature was established on the basis of  the Faculty of Sociology. Until 1945 Abdurrauf Fitrat, Salih Miyonbuzruk, Bakir Chuponzoda, Qayyum Karimov, Abdullayev Vohid, Sharofiddin Murod, Pardaev, Kozizhanov Ma’rifat worked  in  this department. In 1945, on the basis of this department three departments were founded, including the Department of Uzbek literature. 


Department Of Romance And Germanic Philology

According to the 9th point of "Charter on the status of departments in Higher Educational Institutions" approved by the order №159 dated 30.05.2008 of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and resolutions of the Scientific Council of Bukhara State University from 29.08 in 2013, Department of French and German philology were merged into the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology in order to optimize the structure of university departments. O.I.Adizova was appointed as Head of the department.



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