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Publication of dissertation defense

The following documents are submitted to the OCK for publication in the OAK Bulletin on the protection of the dissertation:
The dissertation for the dissertation is published in the magazine "OAK Bulletin" for protection of doctoral and candidate dissertations and after the approval of the opponents and the leading organization the following documents are sent to the HAC before publication of the abstract:

Written Letter signed by the Chairman of the Specialized Council.
Objective reference to the Bidder.
The text of the announcement in the Uzbek and Russian languages ​​(the full name of the dissertation, the name of the dissertation, the specialty code, the organization with the specialized council (address, telephone and fax number, e-mail ), (written in the dissertation), academic director or academic advisor, dissertation worker, official opponents and leader organization, brief overview of dissertation).
Copies of Master's (Higher Education) diplomas. (Copy of a Candidate Diploma for Science Degree PhD students).
A copy of the dissertation paper published in the OAK Bulletin.
Copies of Candidature Exams and Special Examination Certificates.
Removal of the dissertation, defense of the official opponents and the decision of the specialized council on the approval of the leading organization.
Designed by the Dissertant and Specialized Council
approved solutions, conclusions, recommendations and relevant documents on their implementation.
Statement of the Scientific Seminar under the Specialized Council and the minutes of the meeting participants.
Manuscript of dissertation abstract.
Note: Electronic versions of objective textbooks (Times New Roman font) and ad texts (Arial 14 font) should also be submitted.

The Magazine Magazine asks the specialized councils to draw attention to the text of the announcement above.

Grammar errors and uncertainties are not published in the OAK Bulletin, nor are returned to the specialized panel.

The results of the technical expertise of the received documents will be posted on the CIA website within 10 days.
OAK Web-site: (www.vak.uz)

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