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Department of tourism

About the department

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

     Department of Economic Education and Tourism was established on the basis of the Order of the rector of Bukhara State University in 2011, as a result of unification of the "Economic Theory" (functioning since 1948) and "Service in Tourism" departments. Prior to 2011, the department was headed by prof. B.N. Navrouzzoda, docent. H.R. Hamroyev A.T.

    On the basis of the decision of the 4th meeting of the Academic Council of the Bukhara State University on January 24, 2015 the department of economic education and tourism operates under the name "Tourism". From 2011 to 2018 candidate of economic sciences, dots. Halim Roziqovich Hamroyev was appointed as a head of the department. From 2018 candidate of technical sciences, dots. Tojiyeva Sayyora Uralovna has been at the position of the head of the department. In the department lessons are conducted in 3 languages. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 24 subjects out of 56 are taught in English by young teachers. There are 42 professor - teachers at the department, 33 of which are in the main and 9 are in the part time staff. There 1 Doctor of Science, Professor, 6 Candidates of Science, Associate Professors.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Head of the department: candidate of economic sciences, docent

Tojiyeva Sayyora Uralovna

Phone: (+99890) 611-09-18

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Educational directions and specialties of the department:

Bachelor Degree:

5610300-Tourism (on activities)

5610200-Organization and management of the hotel economy

5610100 - Services sector (organization and management of tourism)

5111000-Vocational Education (Economics)


5A610301- Tourism (International and Domestic Tourism)

Scientific directions of the department:

 B.N.Navrozzoda - The non-economic image of man and its criteria

  • H.R.Hamroyev - Ways of Development of Free Economic Zones
  • A.T. Jo`rayev - Improvement of Foreign Economic Activity in Uzbekistan
  • O.K.Xurramov – Meaning and characteristic features of electronic tourism
  • S.S. Ruziyev - Development of Agrotourism through the establishment of cooperative relations
  • N.O. Mahmudova - Some aspects of ecotourism development in Bukhara region.

Research activities of the department

Associate Professor A.Jo`rayev is Coordinator of the European Commission's Erasmus + Program. Practical recommendations for the management given by the teacher S. Ruziev were introduced in the private enterprise "Chorbakr Movorounnahr" in Bukhara, and the efficiency of management at the enterprise was increased.

Relations with foreign colleges and universities

     Members of the department "Tourism" are participating in the European Commission-funded Erasmus + project. For example, A. Juraev participates in ISMU project (ISMU: Institute for Strategic Management of Universities). The main objective of the project is to improve the management of higher education institutions through the establishment of the International Institute for Strategic Management of Universities, increasing the professional skills of middle and high level managers. The KAPD project (QAPD: Enhancement of Quality Assurance System through Professional Development of Academic Leaders - Improving the Quality of Education Through Professional Development of Academic Leaders) Methodological Laboratory "was organized. At the center the educational process is being conducted using the latest styles. In the framework of the project "UZWATER: Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development", the module "green economy" is planned to be delivered to the Department of Economic Education and Tourism.

Also within the framework of the Erasmus + program, professors and teachers of the department have the opportunity to study and research in the leading European universities. In 2013, associate professor Tadjieva S.U. went for training courses to the Thessaloniki Institute of Technology in Greece. The gifted student of the department, Nurullaeva Z. is also sent to study for 10 months to that institute

The main staff of the deprtment:

Hamroyev Xalim Roziqovich  - candidate of economic sciences, dots., head of the department

Navruzzoda Baxtiyor Negmatovich -   doctor of science, professor

Ro`ziyev Sobir Samatovich - candidate of economic sciences, dots.

Tojiyeva Sayyora Uralovna  - candidate of economic sciences, dots.

Fayziyeva Sayyora Annamurodovna- senior teacher

Boltayeva Mohichehra Sharipovna  - senior teacher

Xodjayeva Dilbar Xurshidovna   - senior teacher

Jo’rayeva Zilola Turobovna – senior teacher

Mahmudova Nodira O’ktamovna – senior teacher

Xurramov Ortiq Kayumovich  - senior teacher

Dilmonov Qudrat Baxtiyorovich – senior teacher

Azimov Otabek Xudoyberdiyevich –teacher

Xayrullayeva Nilufar Ne’matillo qizi – teacher

Kadirova Maral Matyoqubovna – teacher

Toxirov Javlon Rahimovich – teacher

Djurayeva Dilnoza Davronovna – teacher

Navruzzoda Layli Baxtiyorovna – teacher

Saidova Feruza Kamolovna – teacher

Qilichov Muhriddin Husniddin o’g’li – teacher

Djabbarov Ixtiyor Gulyamovich – teacher

Ashurova Muhabbat Zoirovna – candidate of economic sciences, dots.

Djafarova Nigina Alisherovna – teacher

Qurbonova Mohinur Habib qizi – teacher

Navruz-zoda Shohro’ Baxtiyor – teacher

Farmonov Erkin Alimovich – teacher

Sharifova Shaxlo Shavkatovna – teacher

Ganiyeva Nasiba Hikmatovna – teacher

Jumayeva Sharofat Savriddinovna – teacher

Xidirova Gavhar Rustamovna- teacher

Davronov Istamxo’ja Olimovich- teacher

Ziyavitdinov Habibulo Hamidovich- teacher

Djurayeva Olima Jamilovna- teacher

Ergasheva Aziza Farmonovna- teacher

The part time staff

Jo’raev Abror Turobovich – candidate of economic sciences, dots.

Ibragimov Nutfillo Salomovich – candidate of economic sciences, dots.

Sharofiddinov Shohabbos Xayrullayevich – teacher

Sulaymonova Gulchehra Hakimovna – teacher

Ro’ziyeva Gulinoz Fatilloyevna – teacher

Fayziyeva Sayyora Qudratovna – teacher

Umirov Jasur Temirqulovich – teacher

Ramazonov Shavkat Sharipovich – teacher

Qahhorov Otabek Siddiqovich- teacher

 The address of the department: Bukhara city, M.Ikbol str. 11, 2nd building, 4th store, room 403


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