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The faculty was founded by the rector of the Bukhara State University on 31 December 2016 as the Faculty of Tourism on the basis of the Faculty of Social Economics (founded in 1996 as the Faculty of Economics).

Until 2014, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, the founder of the faculty, prof. B.N.Navrozzoda headed the faculty. Later it was headed by Ph.D., prof. D.G.Durdiev, Ph.D., H.O Rakhmanov, Ph.D., docent M.A.Aripov and PhD in Economics, A. Juraev.

About the department

     Department of Economic Education and Tourism was established on the basis of the Order of the rector of Bukhara State University in 2011, as a result of unification of the "Economic Theory" (functioning since 1948) and "Service in Tourism" departments. Prior to 2011, the department was headed by prof. B.N. Navrouzzoda, docent. H.R. Hamroyev A.T.

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Department of the economics

The department of Economics was established by the order of the the Rector of the Bukhara State University dated July 3, 2003 numbered  164-U as a result of merger of "Network economy" and "Applied economy". Prior to 2018, Candidate of Economic Sciences N.H.Alimjanov, associate professor of Economic Sciences H.O.Raxmonov were the head of the department,  Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor M.A.Oripov.

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