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Department of musical education

About the department

      Musical art is an important means of moral, cultural and spiritual education. Therefore, great attention is paid to the art of music and its development in all periods and societies. Regarding this delicate educational setting of music, at the Faculty of Primary Education at the State Pedagogical Institute (now University) in 1962, the Department of Musical education  was opened. The main purpose of the department was to train skilled music teachers for general education schools in our region and neighboring regions, as well as identify talented singers and discover them in art. The young specialist Toshpulot Tursunov was appointed as the head of the department.

     In the early days the experienced teachers, folk music singers Toura Jurayev, Bojijon Ashurov, Mubinjon Azimov, Davron Karimov, Valentina Dashich, Nina Smirnova, Istat Holova, Lidia Presnyakovas, were invited. Fayzulla Toraev, who graduated from the Tashkent State Conservatory with the direction of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan also started working here.

    With the efforts of the rector of the institute J.Namozov and Dean of the faculty K. Khairullaev, the problem of human resources was gradually resolved at the department. Mahmudjon Rakhmatov, a graduate student of Ahtam Koshshayev in 1966, graduated from Sanokul Dustov, later Saida Muhammedova, Sattor Murodov and Tashkent State Conservatory, and talented teacher Mustafa Bafoyev (now well-known Uzbek writer) , as well as Bolta Kushshayev, Toshpoat Turobov and others.

     During this period the educational work and the quality of the lessons were improved. The position of the music department, which has been fully staffed, has been quite high in the institute and region. In 1970 musical department was opened at the faculty. Due to the improvement of the educational process and expansion of educational and educational work in the music department, the music and pedagogical specialty of the department was reorganized in 1973 under the chairs of  "Music and singing", "Theory of music and national musical instruments" and  “Chorus conducting  and singing ". Experienced teachers Toshpulot Tursunov and Mahmudjon Rahmatov are the leaders of these departments.

     At the same time with the educational process, the Music Department has developed a great deal of spiritual and educational work. At the institute a creative amateur team of 60 students is created. The department was organized by National singer of Uzbekistan Moshe Bobokhonov, master of seniors Sunnat Naimov, Bukhara folklore masters Arif Atoyev and Hikmat Ne'matov. As a result, the Bukhara Pedagogical Institute's amateur team participated in the republican musical contest “Welcome talents", "The singers", "Doyra makes everybody  dance" and at contests devoted to famous poets Alisher Navoi and Hamid Olimjon`s anniversary. She has been acknowledged as one of the most respected artistic groups in the region and the republic.

       The independent musical and pedagogical faculty was founded in 1977 as a music department, and a prominent scientist, Oxunjon Safarov was appointed as a director. Since that time the music department has grown into a new stage of development.

     The head of the team, Oxunjon Safarov, graduated from the faculty of Music and Pedagogy of Tashkent Pedagogical Institutions named after Nizami, in order to strengthen the material and technical base of the faculty and to provide qualified specialists to the departments, all classrooms, concert hall, as well as the educational building. Niyoz Ashurov, Fayzullo Abdullaev, Davron Ruziev, Samad Tohtamishev, Bakhtiyar Mustafoev, Ashraf Gafurov, Munira Istatova, Mardon Dustov, Omon Jalilov, Salomat Abdiyeva, Ollobergan Karimov, Toshpo`lat Ramazonov, Tamara Rajabova, Sukhrob Gafurov, Zebo Rakhimova increased their workforce capacity.

      O.Safarov set a solid working discipline in the music and pedagogical faculty, gained the high quality of the educational work, and  most importantly, resounded the research work at the faculty. At that time, no one was in science at the Faculty. With the invitation and consultations of Oxunjon Safarov, a number of experienced teachers have confirmed their work and started to do so. The first teacher Toshpulat Tursunov defended his Ph.D. dissertation in Kiyev in 1982. Then the musical-pedagogical faculty was headed by a talented pedagogue and talented specialist Sanakhul Dustov from 1979 to 1984.

The culture of the leader is manifested in the presence of the people and the attitude of the people towards him. It is a high-level man who always creates a healthy environment and spiritual climate around the world.

Leading organizer, co-founder, teacher, pedagogical science teacher, specialist in the field of music education, science and practice development in Bukhara, scientists in the field of musical culture, pedagogy and methodology, Prof. Mels Hasanovich Mahmudov's services in the development of the department are very large.

    When Mels Mahmudov, became a dean of the faculty, a new era of music began. Besides strengthening the material-technical base of the faculty of music faculty, he has managed to establish a strong discipline in teaching staff and students, and to improve the quality of the educational work. The young professionals, who have been encouraged to use science, have created enormous opportunities.

For nearly a quarter of a century, the leadership and scientific and creative activities of the teacher have been enhanced by the essence and essence of the elementary education system, as well as training highly qualified specialists in the field of music, providing educational process with professionals, and the full range of technical tools, as well as to equip the teaching staff  with scientific, artistic and intellectual potential.

       From the very first years of independence, in order to develop national music and integrate it into the youth consciousness, the Department of Musical education founded a new "Traditional Music" department, where a well-known musician, a folk singer and composer, Rasulov was appointed as the head. Ari Babakhanov, Arif Atoyev, Hikmat Ne'matov, Rakhmatilla Inoyatov, Shady Sharipov, Tolib Temirov, Obid Temirov and Shokir Sharipov were invited to work. The teachers of higher education, Ahmad Bakhriyev and Said Saidiy, also started to work in this chair. Later, the Department of Traditional Music was headed by Associate Professor Faizulla To`raev in 2000-2006.

       Prof. M.Mahmudov, the head of the faculty, worked in this direction for a long time to develop the creative potential of the music department and successfully defend the research. With the spiritual support of the teachers, who assisted in the selection of the subjects and the selection of scientific scholars, there were dozens of candidates of science. Students of music pedagogy and methodology, such as B.Mustafoyev, Z.Rahimova, A.Bakhriyev, B.Madrimov, successfully supported scientific works one after the other.

Prof. M.H. Mahmudov contributed to the creation of research on Bukhara music culture and history, musical and musical heritage. The scientific and methodological potential of the department, the scientists of the department received 4 monographs, 1 textbook, more than 10 manuals, about 100 scientific articles and theses, it is important.

Famous musicians of the country are well-known researchers, such as: O.Safarov, O. Atoyev, F.To'rayev's "Bukhara and Mavrigi" Taronas, Professor F.To'rayev's "Bukhara mugansylari" T., 2009), "The History of Bukhara Shashmaqomi" (T., 2011), and authors have acknowledged their spiritual support.

In conclusion, we want to say that more than 1500 students have been awarded a diploma of musical-aesthetic educator for half a century of music. Сoaches are rightly proud of their former students as People's Artist of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan Akhmadjon Shukurov, Honored Artist of the Republic, Composer Arif Atoyev, Turkmen Artist Imomkul Yulliev, Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan Kodirqul Joakulov, former faculty members of the faculty, such as Fazliddin Bronov, Professor Fazliddin Byronov, Professor Olimjon Fayziev, Candidates of Science, Associate Professors Bahtiyer Mustafoev, Zebo Rakhimova, Bahrom Madrimov, Osmon Inoyatov, Usmon Jabborov, Sharif Sharipov, Shukhrat Tillaev, Feruza Asadova, Kamol Hayrullaev, Ismat Shamsiddinov, Shamsiddin Rayhonov, Toshpo`lat Tursunov, Mahmudjon Rakhmatov, Fayzullo Toraev, and other.

       We want to emphasize the deligence of such teachers as Sanoqul Dostov, Sattor Murodov, Ahtam Kushshayev, Lidiya Presnyakova, Tamara Rajabova, Mardon Dustov, Ashraf Gafurov. In 2006 the department was united and transferred to the faculty of art graphics.  In 2011 the Department of "Applied Art" was united and "Art" department was renamed. Since September, 2014, the department was separated into two parts and began to be called "Musical Education".

Educational and research work of the department is focused on music pedagogy and psychology and is aimed at training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of public education.

Today, all members of the department of "Musical education" contribute to the preparation of qualified personnel for general education schools, arts and culture colleges and cultural institutions of the Republic.

 BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Head of the chair: candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent

Madrimov Bahrom Khudoynazarovich,

Phone: (+99890) 510-49-61

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Educational directions and specialties of the department:

 5111100 -  musical education. Currently, 180 students are trained in this area.


Scientific direction of the department:

  • Dr. Madrimov Bahrom Khudinazarovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor, "History of Uzbek Music" (Study Guide).
  • Yarashev Jurabek Toirovich - "Instrumental performance and musical band" (educational guide).


Professors and teachers of the department are trained in the process of scientific researches in the process of scientific researches, as well as to ensure their active participation in the republican and regional cultural and educational activities, and their contribution to the formation of high spirituality in them. Salimova Hulkar (winner of grants for students) and also Zulfiya prize winner of the regional stage, participant of the republican stage, under the guidance of docent B.H. Madrimov; Yuldosheva Iroda (1st place winner in the regional competition "Yagonasan, muqaddassan, Vatan" and 2nd place in republican stage), as well as Komilova Gulrukh, Asadova Feruza, Samieva Mehriniso our students are actively participating in various competitions in the region and abroad, and the fourth-grader Samieva Mehriniso is awarded the Zulfiya Prize and Nihol Prize in 2012 Pharmacy Rakhmatova took 3rd place in the Republican Olympiad on "Theory of Music" in Samarkand in May 2014. .

Members of the department are working in the working groups established in February 2011 at the Regional Council of People's Deputies to revitalize their teaching and methodical work at the Regional Art and Culture College. At the Bukhara College of Arts, assistant professor Bahrom Madrimov and teacher at the Bukhara Cultural College Ibrohim Kayumov, working as a head of the working group, contribute to the improvement of the quality of education.



Bachelor degree

  • Theory of musical education
  • History of music
  • Harmony, solfedgio
  • Analysis of musical works
  • Choir and chorus
  • Leadership
  • Vocal play
  • Methods of musical education
  • Traditional singing
  • School repertoire
  • The band members


Scientific potential of the department

Currently, there are 3 senior lecturers, 1 senior teacher and 6 experienced trainees in Music education. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of the team, significant achievements have been made on the department's educational, spiritual and educational activities.


Professor-teachers of the chair:

  1. Madrimov Bahrom Khudoynazarovich - the head of the department, docent

Mustafoev Bakhtiyor Ibragimovich - Ph.D., associate professor

  1. Norova Shoira Umurzakovna - teacher
  2. Kayumov Ibragim Fayzullayevich - teacher
  3. Košayev Ilhom Axtamovich - teacher
  4. Yarashev Jurabek Toraevich - teacher
  5. Karimov Olimkho'ja Islomovich - teacher
  6. Rakhmatov Nurbek Erkinovich - teacher
  7. Rajabova Manzura Istamovna - teacher

Gulov Sadriddin Niyazovich - Concertist

  1. Ahmedova Gulzina - concertmaster
  2. Madrimova Mehribon - concertmaster
  3. Frolova Larisa - Concertist
  4. Murodov Sattor Shukurovich - teacher


Participation of professors and lecturers of the department in republican and international conferences is active. This can be seen in the activities of professors and teachers` published 40 abstracts (republican and international). Professors' theses have been published in international conferences in republics, Russia and Austria.

Scientific research works carried out on state grants and economic contracts.

The Department of Music Education provided cultural services to the tourists at the Old City hotel and contributed 1050000 sums into the university treasury. A grant project has been elaborated and issued jointly with the Tashkent branch of the Moscow State Lomonosov International Grants Program. I-2016-1-10

Scientific-practical work carried out within the framework of international cooperation

According to the cooperation agreement between Bukhara State University and the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture,  the International festival Navruz and the Culturing Initiative held in Chelyabinsk, members of the department took part in the 50th anniversary of the conference and took part in the competition of the students of foreign creative groups "Akademiya leta". Guests have been delighted with the Uzbek national songs by members of the Uzbekistan National Cultural Center named after Bobur.

Participants of the ensemble "Bukhara Navolari" and the creative team visited the business trip and opened opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experience. The concerts, held in order to support the culture and traditions of the people of Uzbekistan and Russia, have become the first foundation for further cooperation. Sh.Norova, T.Rajabov, A.Rajabov, F.Nurullaev and K. Ziyodullaeva, a first-year student of the Department of Music Education participated in their performance and received the diploma "Academiya Leta".

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti             BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

On May 23-27, 2016, the Radovan Folklore Ensemble of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture visited Bukhara State University and took an active part in the International Festival "Silk and Spices", which was held at the university and regional level.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti             BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

Attracting students to scientific research work.

 The department has the talented students. The "Bukhara Navolari" circle was organized with the participation of talented students to teach pedagogical subjects and deeply master the students' knowledge. The head of the chair is a teacher A.Hidirov. There are 16 students in the circle who teach the students the secrets of secrecy to ensure the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 3391 of November 17, 2017, for the purpose of developing the maqom art based on the work plan. Participants of the round have been held intellectual games "Zakovat" among 1-4 courses students of the Pedagogy and Psychology direction, among which are winners and talented youth. The participants of the circle, together with their academic staff, are preparing for and participating in scientific conferences and Olympiads.

Publishing articles and abstracts in foreign and local magazines, international and national scientific conferences

Professors and teachers of the department published the theses in the journals of 10 local journals, 3 foreign journals, 2 scientific papers, 8 foreign scientific conferences and 15 republican scientific theoretical conferences in 2017-2018 academic year.


   The department has established educational cooperation. In particular, Innovative Partnership Groups are working on the basis of such programs as Bukhara College of Arts named after M.Ashrafiy and Bukhara city cultural college and musical school number 16 in Vobkent district.

    Works on innovative ideas and projects at the department.

The IV International Scientific and Practical Conference on the Chuvash State Institute of Culture and Arts on March 29, 2018 (IV Congress of Modern Art: Proceedings of the Soviet Union: Actual Problems of Perspective Development and Civic Cultivation) at Bukhara State University Pedagogy chair as the organizer.

28 students and 3 teachers from the Department of Music Education of Bukhara State University participated in the celebration of Navruz in 2018. National folk songs, dance, and  performances of the ensembles gave a festive mood and delight in the heart of every spectator and visitors from abroad. This festive occasion has left a deep impression on every citizen. The guests of our country and the hosts were especially applauded by Bukhara songs performed by teachers of the Department of Music Education of Bukhara State University Sh.Norova and T.Rajabov.

BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti            BDU-Buxoro davlat universiteti

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