Seminar of the professor from Germany

Within the framework of the PROMIS project, from the 10th to the 14th of April this year, Edzard Hoefig, professor at the Applied Research University Boyt (Germany, Berlin), was invited to hold a seminar on the subject "object-oriented analysis and design in UML."

Students of the special course "Programming as a second competency", students of the Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, active students in the field of education "professional education (Informatics) and teachers of the" Information Technologies "department actively participated in the seminar. There were listeners from other universities of the city of Bukhara.

The purpose of the seminar is a very relevant approach to the design of software systems through the formalism of the UML (Unified Modeling Language) language. The professor's seminar was remembered by the fact that within 20 hours the main types of analysis and design models were considered. Very often it was used feedbacks. Exercises during the session accurately and quickly determined the state of assimilation of the audience.

In fact, the audience was heterogeneous in terms of the fact that there were those who used the UML language already in their practice, some were superficially aware of this language, there were those for whom everything was new. But the professor was able to interest everyone in this language.

At the changes, the students talked with the respected professor about their specific design problems and received answers to them.

After the last seminar, a meeting with the professor of teaching staff of the department "Information Technologies" was held. The professor spoke about his university, what is common with our university, what is different, how students study, what problems they are working on, how they rest, about the life of the University of Boyt in a word. He answered the questions of teachers. The week passed very richly, interestingly and most importantly - it is useful for everyone.


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